these are a few of my favorite things.

animal print. ballet flats. basketball. bentley. beach. blackberry. blair waldorf. braids. boston. bows. cable knit sweaters & cardigans. chapstick. concerts. cookie dough. disney. family & friends. fresh air. gap. germany. gilmore girls. harry potter. headbands. icecream. iced coffee. jane austen. jcrew. kate spade. laughing. lighthouses. leighton meester. luggage. madewell. madras. marshfield. music. neon. newfies. oxfords. paisley. pearls. pineapple. pink & green. pinkberry. plaid. polka dots. pugs. puppies in general. ralph lauren. rayban's. reading. ribbon. rugby's. skiing. sparkly earrings. sperry's. stripes. starfish. summer. yoga.

People don’t think anymore, they feel. One of the great problems of our age, is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings rather than thoughts and ideas. Margaret Thatcher (via thatlitsite)

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